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Comfort Fit Adjustable Supports. Support that doesn’t compromise comfort.

Designed for all-day everyday comfortable support of stiff, weak or injured joints.

Comfort Fit Adjustable Supports feature a soft inner liner, ultra breathable material, moisture wicking, customized fit, and 4 way stretch
  • Step into all-day comfort and support with FUTURO™ Comfort Fit Ankle Support. This brace was designed with our most breathable material to keep you cool and dry while providing compression support to your stiff, weak, or injured ankles. Perfect for any activities you enjoy.

  • Your knees support you, and now it’s time to return the favor with FUTURO™ Comfort Fit Knee Brace. This brace uses our most breathable, moisture-wicking material, with adjustable straps, for the custom compression and all-day support your weak, sore, or injured knees need.

  • Give your sore knees the all-day support they need with FUTURO™ Comfort Fit Stabilizer. This brace uses our most breathable, moisture-wicking material and features side stabilizers and adjustable straps to give your knees stabilized support with all-day comfort.

  • Don’t let elbow soreness keep you from reaching your daily goals. Made using a breathable, neoprene material, with a moisture-wicking liner, the FUTURO™ Comfort Fit Elbow Brace provides compression support to help keep your sore elbow comfortable all day.

  • Whether it’s work or play, a sore wrist can slow your day. Made with our most breathable material, the wrap-around design of the FUTURO™ Comfort Fit Wrist Support provides the compression and support your sore wrists need with the comfort to wear all day.