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    Travel Apps We Love

    From planning your trip to finding a great local pub, these tools are the ticket.

    No more lugging heavy guidebooks or crumpling maps as you try to fold them back into shape. Hit the road or take to the sky with hassle-free apps on your mobile device. There are apps for pretty much everything, so it's important to find some you can rely on. Here is a list of our favorites, categorized by what they're best for.

    • Trip Planning

      Kayak – This popular travel website's app is easy to use, letting you sort through airfare, car and hotel deals. Kayak offers price alerts, airport information and a baggage-fee directory as well. iOS, Android, Windows | Free

      Lonely Planet– The trusty guidebook is now available on your phone. Download all your Lonely Planet guides when you have a connection so you can have access to maps, phrasebooks and more offline. iOS, Android, Nokia | Price varies by device

    • Lodging

      Airbnb – Use this app for a truly unique stay. Airbnb offers trusted, affordable lodging around the world—from private apartments to private islands. Renters are able to communicate with hosts and previous guests. iOS, Android | Free

      Hotel Tonight – Find deeply discounted luxe hotels at the last minute. Reduced rates are listed the day of check-in at hip city hotels. Available in the U.S., Canada, Mexico and Europe. iOS, Android | Free

    • Flying

      GateGuru – When you have a layover or a delay and don't know where to go, this app will help you find the perfect restaurant, shop or café in any terminal. It gives you a list of options in 120 airports worldwide. You can also find out security wait times and flight status information. iOS, Android, Windows | Free

      SeatGuru – Find the best seat to reserve on a flight. It shows you exit rows, extra legroom and bathroom locations. The app has seat maps for many popular airlines. You can view photos from other passengers, read reviews and upload your own experience. iOS, Android | Free

    • Staying Connected

      Free Wi-Fi Finder – Find a free or paid Wi-Fi connection in more than 50 countries. It does not require an Internet connection, so it comes in handy when you need to find a hotspot on the go. iOS, Android | Free

      WhatsApp – Communicate with friends and family overseas. Make sure the people you speak with have the app downloaded. Text and send photos or audio notes as often as you like, wherever you like, for free. iOS, Android, BlackBerry, Nokia, Windows | Price varies by device

    • Doing and Dining

      OpenTable – Make free reservations at nearby restaurants. Think of it as your own concierge with details about the menu, diner reviews and availability information. iOS, Android, BlackBerry, Windows | Free

      LocalEats – Looking for a neighborhood gem or the best burger joint in town? LocalEats lists food-critic-vetted non-chain restaurants all around the U.S. iOS | $0.99

      Goby – Find nearby events and activities that suit everyone's tastes. From museums to wineries to concerts, you will discover all the local haunts. iOS, Android | Free

    • Getting Around

      HopStop – Get a stop-by-stop itinerary on public transportation with this handy app. It covers more than 100 cities and some of the busiest metropolitan areas in the world. iOS, Android, Windows | Free

      Uber – Sign up and you'll have access to your own private driver in a variety of major cities around the world. Simply request a car and the app lets the driver know where to pick you up and tells you how long it will take for the car to arrive. It charges the fare and tip automatically to your credit card on file and emails you the receipt. iOS, Android | Free

      Taxi Magic – Book your taxi directly through the app with just a few taps. The app feeds into taxi dispatch systems and allows you to track your taxi in a map view and charges your fare to your credit card. Use in the U.S., Canada and Mexico. iOS, Android | Free

      City Maps 2Go – No Internet connection? No problem. Download the app when you do have a connection and voilà, maps are available for thousands of cities, regions and islands anytime, minus the roaming charges. iOS, Android | Price varies by device